Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ginseng tea

Ginseng has been revered for thousands of years in China as an adaptogen, to help boost energy and improve performance.

Ginsenosides –steroid-like compounds than apparently boost athletic endurance, increase mental agility, boost immune system defenses and reduce risk of oral, stomach, colorectal, liver, lung and ovarian cancers. Ginseng is usually consumed in a tea. Ginseng can be sliced or ground and added to hot water, but never in a metal container.
American ginseng
Ginseng teas are steeped a few minutes longer than other teas so that all the ginsenosides can be extracted into the drink. Use about one gram of ginseng (about an eight to a quarter-inch piece of a five inch root per cup of water.

Other teas can be mixed with ginseng tea in order to mute its somewhat bitter taste although the recognized Asian practice is to take ginseng tea alone.

Herbal tea made of American ginseng alone or mixed with other herbs is the most common way to use American ginseng.
Ginseng tea

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