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Pumpkin juice

Botanically, it is known as Cucurbita Maxima. The quick growing, small-fruited bush or non-trailing varieties are called squash in America, while the long season, long-trailing, large –fruited varieties are called pumpkin in India or other tropical countries.

Its seeds are full of medicinal value and its pulp is used for cooking purposes. It juice can help to induce urination in cases involving swelling of human body caused by heart and kidney disorder. It also strengthens the liver, stimulates their production of bile, calms the nervous system, and reduces fevers.

The recommended amount is half a glass a day thanks to its high content of estrogen, pumpkin juice is very valuable in hormone replacement therapy used by women going through menopause. Half a cup taken twice a day for a minimum of two months helps completely eliminate hot flushes which put a lot of strain on female body during menopause.

Pumpkin is rich in minerals, vitamins A, B, C and G. It is especially beneficial in summer months, as it keeps the body cool and protects body from heat and its bad effects.

Pumpkins juice is often applied externally on the face to remove dirt, black spots, and to make the skin soft and lovely.

Before potions of pumpkin can be juiced, they need to be peeled of their outer hard shell and the seeds removed. Be advised that the taste will be somewhat strange and different to human palate.

It may, therefore, be necessary to dilute the pumpkin juice with a little carrot juice or liquid chlorophyll to flavor it up.
Pumpkin juice

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